YWCA Lincoln does not have a Circle of Security Class available at this time. Please contact Courtney Brown at courtney@ywcalincoln.org or by phone at (402)434-3494 Ext. 111 for other Circle of Security resources. 

Payments may be made by check, cash, card or we accept DHHS supported vouchers. 

Please makes checks payable to YWCA Lincoln. All cash payments must be the exact amount. To pay by credit/debit card please follow the steps below after clicking on the link below: 


  • Click the blue Donate button 
  • Under donation amount, select choose your own amount and enter $160.00 
  • Under select donation frequency, change the donation frequency to One-Time
  • On the drop down menu Apply My Donation To, select Circle of Security
  • For confidentiality, PLEASE uncheck post my donation amount & post my name  
  • Click Donate Once Button at the bottom of the screen 
  • Enter in your first name, last name and email address then click continue 
  • Confirm your amount, then enter in credit/debit card information and click complete 

If you have any issues completing payment, please contact Courtney Brown at courtney@ywcalincoln.org or by phone at (402)434-3494 Ext. 111