MENtors and Allies

The Second MENtors and Allies event was held July 12, 2012.

Congratulations to all of our recipients!

We honored the MENtors who empower women and eliminate racism
AND the Allies, and the volunteers who work diligently to achieve YWCA Lincoln's mission.

The MENtors Award was developed to recognize men in Lincoln who empower women and/or minorities.

The 2012 MENtors Awards recipients were:

  • Bob Burton

    Associate Athletic Director

  • Carl Eskridge

    City Council Member, City of Lincoln

  • Sief Mahagoub

    Community Health Educator/Arabic Liaison, Department of
    Health and Human Services

  • Shawn Ryba

    Director of Community Building at NeighborWorks Lincoln

  • Scott Shafer

    Administrative Assistant II, Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs

Ten Allies Awards:

  • Liz Ring Carlson

    State Farm Insurance

  • Jeanie Cole

    State Farm Insurance

  • Stacy Gutschenritter

    Union Bank & Trust

  • Samantha Eckhardt

    Union Bank & Trust

  • Teresa McCarthy

    State Farm Insurance

  • Kathy Stewart

    Union Bank & Trust

  • Paige Zutavern

    Strictly Business Magazine

  • Jennifer Engelhaupt


  • Ruthi Thompson


  • Christy Prang