SMART Girls Club Facilitator

YWCA Lincoln seeks volunteer SMART Girls Club facilitators, who help girls, in 4th through 8th grades, explore science, technology, engineering, and math fields in a supportive environment. Facilitators and girls work together to establish a relationship-centered learning community. Facilitators guide girls to collaboratively explore hands-on, open-ended projects and investigations.

Here's what we ask:
1) Attend a three hour volunteer orientation and training.
2) Commit to helping facilitate SMART Girls Clubs once a week for a semester or a year.
3) Be 15 minutes early to club meetings, prepare to help lead activities by reading lesson plans, and take attendance.
4) Document indications that girls are meeting the outcomes discussed in training.
5) Share any concerns, ideas, and suggestions with YWCA Lincoln staff.
6) Be enthusiastic, positive, and excited to work with youth!
Here's what you can expect from YWCA Lincoln:
1) Volunteer training focusing on the following topics:
a. Building a relationship-centered learning community
b. Energizers and icebreakers
c. Proven strategies for engaging girls in science
2) A guide to all planned activities.
3) Club supplies will be prepared in advance for pick up or will be delivered to the school.